Palomino Capital deploys proprietary capital across a broad spectrum of asset classes including alternative asset managers, bespoke private credit facilities, direct private equity and real estate. 


Alternative Asset Managers

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Palomino Capital invests across a wide range of third-party alternative asset managers including hedge funds, private equity, venture capital and real estate. Allocations are typically made with a long-term investment horizon perspective.


Opportunistic Allocations

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Palomino Capital invests opportunistically to take advantage of specific market dislocations with a well-defined expected event unlocking value. Recent allocations include various securitized products, asset-backed securities, oil & gas opportunities and others.

Direct Private Equity

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Palomino Capital invests directly in a variety of multi-stage operating companies. We invest across industries with recent allocations to the areas of  Financials, Consumer Products and Green/Natural. Typical portfolio companies involve proven management teams beyond the proof-of-concept stage seeking growth capital.


Real Estate

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Palomino Capital considers real estate investments both opportunistically or as part of a traditional long-term investment strategy. We invest in real estate both independently and through partnerships.